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From the beginning, a quality policy for patient care was implemented at Riviera Vein Institute in order to give to patients the highest level of quality for all services provided (infra-structures, reception, organization, information and documents). The aim was that the overall patient care should be in line with the excellence of the surgical technique. The Riviera Vein Institute was engaged in a certification process, leading to a protocol for the entire process, and in 2008 Riviera Vein Institute was awarded the international “ISO 9001 certification”, which was the first ISO Certification in France/Monaco awarding an institution dedicated to the treatment of varicose veins.

In parallel, since 2004, scientific work has been supported with to date, more than 450 oral presentations at major conferences throughout the world, over 50 original articles published in prestigious reviews and 30 book chapters thus allowing Doctors Chastanet and Pittaluga to forge an international reputation in the field of phlebology. In 2005, they have published the first study about the ASVAL Method a complete innovative mini-invasive approach preserving the venous network, enforced by further publications in international reviews.

Finally, in addition to Doctors Pittaluga and Chastanet’s academic activities at the Paris VI Faculty, as part of the Phlebology university Degree, the Riviera Vein ACADEMY was created in 2010, in order to welcome doctors and surgeons from all over the world, providing practical personalized training in the operating theatre and consultations. Doctors Chastanet and Pittaluga have always been committed in innovations and researches in their field. Therefore, this behavior has led them to innovate not only about pathophysiology and surgical gesture but also about technologies/products that could help to improve the venous insufficiency treatments, with the constant aim to combine efficiency and wellness.

Doctors Pittaluga and Chastanet have developped 4 axes of technological/product innovations for venous insufficiency:

These innovative projects are not all at the same stage of development but all of them will be on the market in the near future.
The slogan that fits with all this innovation is very clear, “Your Legs Our Passion” !
Venatech SAS is the start-up company that today drives the development of these innovative products.


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