The chemical-free spider vein solution


Treatment of telangiestasias or “Spider veins”

At the opposite of all other fields in phlebology and venous insufficiency pathology there was no dramatic innovation for the treatment of telangiectasias usually so-called “Spider Veins” during the last 60 years. The dominant technique is still the sclerotherapy that uses a chemical principle of venous irritation leading to venous shrinking and disappearance.

Even the echo-guided foam that was a true innovative technique 15 years ago for treating varicose tributaries and axial trunks, didn’t bring a revolution for the treatment of spider veins. Cutaneous lasers have also being used for the treatment of spider veins but with many limitation that didn’t lead to replace sclerotherapy.

More recently other technologies emerged in the playground, with many products for intradermal treatment of spider veins, radiofrequency alone or mixing radiofrequency and lasers, but without any consistent data supporting these techniques.

That explained why the traditional liquid sclerotherapy is still the main technique used for treating spider veins. But there still some issues about this treatment: several sessions are needed, the technique is not reproducible and the results are inconstant, and above all there is a risk of pigmentation with a cosmetic pitfall which is not ideal for a treatment with an esthetic goal.

That is why many people are still disapointed to not find an efficient esthetic solution for spider veins.

The SpidAway for a Chemical-free Spider Vein Solution

Drs Pittaluga and Chastanet driven by they constant willing of innovation faced this situation thinking in a different way, and they came with a new idea not using chemical or percutaneous/intradermal heat of the spider veins, but with mechanical destruction of these unaesthetic small veins: The SpidAway for a Chemical-free Spider Vein Solution.

This device has several advantages :

  • No use of chemical product
  • No inflammation, no pigmentation
  • Reproducible
  • Effective and durable
  • Possibility of treating large zones in one session
  • Possibility of treating challenging zones such as perimalleolar area
  • Office based
The SpidAway device is a proprietary and innovative treatment for varicose tributaries, alone or in combination to saphenous ablation. The device has gone through the Research, Design and IP phases, and we are now entering development cycles.



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